Aims and Objectives

During the project, learning outcomes and subsequently qualifications in the field of corporate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship will be defined. In this way it constitutes the basis for implementation of a corporate entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship training programme with the final aim of providing learning outcomes using the ECVET system. This causes transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications that facilitate employability of people already in a working process, while increasing competitiveness of organisations participating in the training.

The project strengthens key competences in VET curricula by developing employee’s corporate entrepreneurship skills through their engagement in the corporate entrepreneurship training programme.

The project will address the gap between existing intrapreneurship courses which target either the management changing the framework conditions for intrapreneurship in a company or the employee by training his/her intrapreneurial skills, and will offer a holistic programme that focuses on both.

Specific objectives are:

  • Identification of specific sub-competences constituting the general competences of intrapreneurship and identification of corporate needs in each of the sub-competences (competence model) on employee and management levels;
  • Development/Improvement of employee competences in medium sized companies in the area of intrapreneurship through a tailor made training programme;
  • Identification and analysis of European good practice models on intrapreneurship mechanisms, corporate frameworks and support systems as well as incentive schemes;
  • Development/Improvement of manager’s competences in the field of intrapreneurship and intrapreneurship support through a tailor made training programme;
  • Provide a self-auditing tool for companies on corporate readiness for intrapreneurship and intrapreneurial friendliness;
  • Setting up of a sustainability plan for future provision of intrapreneurship training after the project ends and establishing a framework to embed the developed trainings in the ECVET system;
  • Developing and implementing idea management system in medium sized companies;