Training in INCOMA


Organisation: INCOMA

Date and place of the trainings:

Session n. Place Date
Session 1 EUSA Campus 23/04/2019
Session 2 EUSA Campus 26/04/2019
Session 3 INCOMA offices 20/05/2019
Session 4 INCOMA offices 21/05/2019

Number of participants: 5 participants

Main results of the training:

The training for managers was organised in Seville by INCOMA and it had a duration of 16 on-site hours plus e-learning activities. The trainers were the experts Charo Ostos and Erica Romero.

Thanks to the training, participants could increase their awareness about intrapreneurship, which is a relatively new concept in Spain. They could analyse how to manage intrapreneurial companies, motivate employees and get familiar with best practices related to intrapreneurship