Training in FH JOANNEUM


Organisation: FH JOANNEUM

Date and place of the trainings:

Session n. Place Date
Session 1 FH JOANNEUM, Eggenberger Allee 11, 8020 Graz  
Session 2 FH CAMPUS 02, Koerblergasse 126, 8010 Graz, Austria  

Number of participants: 11 participants

Main results of the training:

For the manager training FH JOANNEUM and FH CAMPUS 02 had recruited 11 participants from 8 different companies – with very different profiles in terms of industry and company size. The training has been arranged in a two-day workshop format with two weeks in between for e-learning. The first training session dealt with the creation of a corporate entrepreneurship ecosystem. Innovative tools for successfully establishing corporate entrepreneurship in their company have been introduced with practical examples. To allow a better understanding and the translation into the specific context of the participating companies, the participants received elearning assignments to each of the tools. The second workshop started with the presentations of the outcomes of these assignments and a common reflection. The remaining part of the second workshop focused on nurturing intrapreneurship within the company – common pitfalls as well as practical hints have been introduced and discussed. The day closed with the inspiring pitches of real intrapreneurship examples which have been prepared by the participants of the intrapreneurship training. The managers acted as jury provided feedback based on their learnings. This exercise was truly valuable for both managers and employees to see intrapreneurship in practice and working.

The whole training ended with a network buffet and a certification ceremony.