Multiplayer Event in Spain


Date and place of the multiplier event
Seville, Spain. HQ of the Club Chamber of Commerce of Seville.
Thursday, 5th September, 2019.

Number of participants: 24 participants

Main results of the multiplier event
During this ME in Seville, the SCOPE project was presented by EUSA: the consortium, objectives, phases and main results were described and analysed. Special emphasis was put on IO3, and the development of the trainings (for managers and for employees).

After the first session, we had two presentations from innovation experts who were able to implement intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship strategies in their entreprises (one from the public sector and one from the private sector). Both of the speakers, who came from different backgrounds and have different positions in their companies, presented their case study, focusing on the challenges thay had faced, the tools they used and the present results.

For the last session, a big debate “roundtable” was carried out, allowing all participants to present themselves and exchange their views about the SCOPE training, ways to improve it and adapt it. Also, we discussed about the current situation of intrepreneurship in the region, their problems and the potential solutions.

As a result from the event, a work group of intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship was created including: students of the Spanish trainings both managers and employees, the trainers, and experts. The SCOPE project was discussed upon and the participants showed interest on having access to the training and the possibilities of implementing it in their environment.