The third project meeting of the SCOPE project has been held in Larissa, Greece, on October 1-2, 2018. The event has been hosted by DIMITRA Education & Consulting. All partner organizations were represented at the meeting. In the time between the second and third transnational project meetings all partners developed the intrapreneurship competence matrices for managers and employees. The competence matrices were based on formal, informal and non formal competences and clustered in modules. Based on the developed matrices and the experience of the partner institutions, the participants of the meeting conceptualized the structure and frame of the upcoming intrapreneurship training. In between the partners the development of the following modules have been distributed: a) training for employees - module 1: intrapreneurial mindset, module 2: thinking outside the box, module 3: tools for intrapreneurs, module 4: convey your innovation, b) training for managers: module 1: establishing a corporate entrepreneurship ecosystem, module 2: cultivating intrapreneurship. The partnership agreed to develop the curricula and the training materials until the end of February 2019. From March – May 2019 each country executes one pilot training for employees/students of 32 presence hours and 40 elearning hours and one for managers of 16 presence hours and 20 elearning hours. The exact dates of the trainings in Austria, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece will be announced on the SCOPE homepage.